Organizing Team


Sorin Suciu — Licensee, Organizer

sorinBorn in Reghin, Sorin Suciu studied Management and Marketing at Dimitrie Cantemir University in Tirgu Mures and finished his study at West University in Timisoara then went to study The Management of Human Resources and Marketing at Politechnical University in Timisoara. He worked for six years with The Romanian Ministry of Finance until he decided to that it is time to build his own company.


Vlad Fiscutean  Adviser, Founder of TEDx Timisoara

vladBorn in Reghin, Vlad Fiscutean is the pioneer of sensory branding practice in România and a brand designer working for international brands. Out of a real passion for spreading  TEDx community values and TED ideas in România, after founding the oldest still active TEDx license in the country — TEDx Timişoara and organizing several events, Vlad started evangelising and empowering local leaders in different cities of the country to organize their own local TEDx events. Out of this TEDxReghin was born in 2011.


Stefan Molnar  OnStage host & PR

vlad After a university degree in History and English Literature and Grammar I opted for a masters degree in European construction. Both of them proved to be useful in the career I took up as an English teacher. For 5 years I have been involved in, what I believe to be, nursing the future of my nation, children.
I am also involved in organizing summer camps where the values of team spirit and working together, for a healthy social behaviour are most esteemed. As an active translator for TED in their Open Translation Projects, I have 4 translations and 5 reviews so far.


Nicolae Colcer  IT man

vladThe History-English degree awarded by Petru-Maior University from Tg-Mures in 2002 and the inherent knowledge of English made it possible for me to follow my passion for 3D, a fairly new and very complex domain. Learning and working in  IT in Romania and Germany, I set on a quest for achieving complete mastery in the graphical field. In this journey I stringed along various projects ranging  from web design to TV  production and, most notably, involvement in the internationally acclaimed artistic Night of The Living Dead:Reanimated project.


Vasile Cernea  Video Editor

vladWhy TED? Because of the people involved, the team spirit and what captured my attention… the ideas that could change thoughts and mentalities while discovering life-changing speakers. That is why I’m responsible to capture the moment that is TEDx; it is my passion, and my job in the same time, to film, edit non-invasively the speakers and to create the ads for the events. I followed my passion by studying at the Journalism University, worked at a few local and national TV stations as a reporter, editor, chief editor, with the desire to learn all sides of this world. I still love to follow my passion even if, right now I’m involved in some personal projects in the graphic design area, documentary movies and mastering After Effects.



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