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This year`s TEDxReghin revolves around ideas meant to bring about change in our town. The organizing team made its best in order to present in front of the audience an array of strong personalities from different areas i.e. banking, sports or lobbying. As such, our guests are Stanislav Georgiev and Andrei Rosu - two marathonists working in the stressful entanglement of multinational banking who found an outlet in sports while making performance too, Florin Somodi, a Reghin-born lobby-ist with exceptional organizational skills, Milian Theodor, the driving force behind and the co-ordinator of the national team of robotics, a man whose passion resonates deeply with our local traditions as far as ship and aircraft modeling is concerned and, last but not least, Mihai Corui, a delicate mind in a sports-performer body, whose poetical finesse counterbalances his overwhelming stature.

All this pannel of different characters and personal experiences is thought to act in synch in order to deliver the unique message that allows for a change within each and every one in the audience.

Theme: An idea to change Reghin...

Preview the Speakers:


Stanislav Georgiev & Andrei Rosu
Birds of a feather flock together; ex musicians, Stanislav (Bulgaria) and Andrei (Romania), now colleagues in a multinational corporation, are passionate marathonists, alpinists in the making, loving husbands and parents and very active fundraisers.

Ambassador of the award-winning social project in Gala Societatii Civile 2012 - Gift Matching for Hospice Casa Sperantei, he was, in turn, teacher, musician (favourite instrument - guitar),  translator, journalist, and now CFO and father of 4, whom he considers „the biggest blessing”.

He sees running, like brushing one`s teeth, a cleansing and strategical activity in regard to the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual development of a human being. His motto as a runner is: Run right – Rest right – Eat right. Member of Ro Club Maraton, founder member of Begach Running Club from Bulgaria, together with his friends from Romanian Banking Society, he reached mountaineous peaks like: Mont Blanc, Damavand, Aconcagua and Elbrus.

For Stanislav, sports represents a perfect opportunity for making new friends, and also a start point for social and charitable actions that give meaning to his life.

Composer and member of Gaz pe Foc in the 90s, he spent the next years in sales, project management, human resources, training and communication.

As source of inspiration for his family, he changed his sedentary lifestyle and, without a history as an athlete, he completed the North Pole marathon, also being the first person to play the drums there (experience detailed at TEDx Bucharest 2010). The running of 7 marathons and 7 ultramarathons on 7 continents placed him in the Guinness Book. In 2012 he participated in 2 Ironman competitions, while March 2013 will witness the first Romanian finishing Double Iron Florida.

While climbing mountains (Kala Patthar), blogging and supporting foundations and social causes (initiator of, he finds motivation in his 2 children and donates all income from public appearances and takes part in pro bono meetings with students, considering that investment in education equals investment in our future.


Mihai George Corui
Born in 1969, he started playing basketball at the early age of 6. As a result of a career as professional basketball player that passed 100 selections in the national team and spanned over 20 years, he started coaching, being very successful as coach for Herlitz Mobex Targu Mureş, Elba Timişoara, Baschet Club Mureş, Gaz Metan Mediaş, and assistant coach for the National Team of Romania.

Mechanical engineer by profession, he is co-manager and coach of Baschet Club Together, a club for children, and, as of 2011 he writes poetry – with a bias for 4D poetry -, publishing on YouTube and preparing a volume to be printed.


Florin Somodi
Born in Reghin, where he graduated Petru Maior Highschool, Florin is a founder member of Lobby pentru Cluj – civic organisation in Cluj-Napoca (

A civic and social activist, he has experience in sales and training. He is also a lobby specialist and a project manager with a great desire to educate and encourage the community to bring changes into society.

His speech in TEDx Reghin is about how small communities can reinvent themselves, and about changes that citizens can make in local public agenda.

A_STheodor Milian
Born in 1984 in Bacau, then moved to Constanta with his parents. Playing with legos and science kits, in his childhood, he got interested in mechanics, electronics, and never missed the opportunity to disassemble, and try to repair everything he got his hands on. Following his passion for mechanics, robotics and airmodels he decided to attend the Faculty of Aerospace Engineering, at Politehnica University of Bucharest. His dream was to participate in research projects and robotics competitions with his own team and designs, so in 2008 he started X-Projects Team, involving mainly students from Aerospace, Automatics, Electronics, in special projects.

He is aiming to form one of the strongest robotics teams in Romania, thus being able to undertake very complex projects and competitions and future commercial projects. He was awarded at, Inventika Fair, Gaudeamus 2011, Robochallenge 2011, 2012. Recently he participated as Team Leader at NASA Lunabotics Mining Competition on 21-26 may, at Kennedy Space Center, Florida.
On 19 august 2012 X-Projects Team organised the FIRST ROMANIAN ROV COMPETITION, held at Tomis Port, Constanta.

Venue and Details:

Business Cafe
str. Mihai Viteazul nr.20
Reghin, 545300

September 23rd, 2012
11:00 am - 2:00 pm

Event Type (what is this?)TED2012 Standard Event

This event is invite-only.

Organizer: Sorin Suciu

Tel.: 0747-076.338


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