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Razvan Rusu
"I am Razvan, one of the entrepreneurs that wake up early in the morning thinking that they will change the world with their business. For now, my responsibilities are towards the community and the people who helped me create the "Dulceata lu' Razvan" brand from the bottom up. Now, my work is to demonstrate that I can be an example for all those who dream as I did, but they also work towards the goal they want to achieve!"


Laurentiu Pop
"Hey there. Laurentiu is my name and I just hit 30 round years. Five years ago I came by a life road-cross where I chose not to go straight ahead, as the road seemed to point, but instead I decided to build myself a different path, a better and a "slimmed-down" one. Recently I managed to reach a long desired goal, one I hardly dared to dream about: to climb the Europe's highest peak. From the top of it, I've finally seen for the first time the path I built."


Vlad Fiscutean
Vlad, Senior TEDx Ambasador in Europe for TED, is the first Romanian invited as speaker on a TEDx stage (TEDGlobal, Edinburgh, 2011); he is the pioneer of sensory branding practice in Romania, and one of the creators of Romania's most notorious virals and engaged brands. Vlad increases the profits using a propertary process that uses business tools like design, branding with spirit, marketing, advertising, public relations, psychology, sociology, media.


Iunia Pasca
Iunia is a Romanian traveler who dreamt of exotic and far away realms from early childhood. On hearing about her "journey" through life and places such as Asia, South America and almost all of Europe, people can`t help but asking the seemingly simple question "why?". A short, simple answer is: "it all comes from the heart". She chose to share her experience in a wholistic fashion focusing on "who" rather than "why", and by writing her first book "Prin lume, spre mine" (2013).

vladIulian Nichita
"I'm Iulian Nichita, one of the 6 guys who rowed on the Danube for over 450 km on a raft made of plastic bottles this summer. The P.E.T. Rafting Project started in 2011, when, as children of the river, we wanted to have an adventure. But as we stopped on the shore we have discovered communities, people and stories that are worth telling. And this year we have done it again, and we are eager to tell everybody that the Danube and its Delta are not only about water, sun, beautiful sights or fishing - they are about wonderful people, life stories and enlighting experiences. And that is worth leaving the big cities for a while, build something with your own hands and get a  time - lapse of nature, tradition and all those admirable life instances in Romania."

Venue and Details:

DOGMA Coffee & Pubs
str. Mihai Viteazul nr.28
Reghin, 545300

September 20th, 2013
19:00 (GMT 2hrs)
Price: 10 lei

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